"Silver Haired Warriors"

BY: Judy Gorman King

Silver haired warriors

Riding out to save the day

They need to tell the world

About POW/ MIAs

Sometimes they grow weary

It has been a long fight

But their brothers were left behind

They need to make it right

This is their burden

This is their fate

So they square their shoulders

And step up to the plate

There is apathy all around them

So the battle rages on

It will never be over

Til their brothers make it home

Their uniform is a vest

Their transport, a Harley to ride

It is an uphill road

But the truth is on their side

When Rolling Thunder

Comes roaring through your town

Thank them for your freedoms

Don’t complain about the sound

We all need to help them

Bring their brothers home

But until this happens

The battle rages on

The Spirit of the Wall poem BY: Judy Gorman King