This page is dedicated to the memory of the members of Tennessee Chapter 1 that are no longer with us....


These members chose to live their lives honoring the military past and present. Their memories will live on for the work that they did in keeping the fight going for the POW/MIA awareness.



Ralph Keasling
RIP 5/1/52-1/3/17

Richard Peoples
RIP 5/2/44-6/24/16

Warren Garland King Sr.
RIP 6/6/25-5/30/16

Donna Burden
RIP 07/19/57-4/22/16


Don Mitchell
RIP 8/15/52--2/3/15

Bill Ashton
RIP 7/4/43-9/10/13

Billy Green

Sam Smithson

Daniel O'Ferrell

Earnie ( Ole Dude )Crittenden
RIP 5/12/2013

Lyndell Crittenden

Nancy Hunter Plows
RIP 8/30/2010

Billy Jean Grinder
RIP 2/21/2010

Craig Lindsey
RIP 6/26/08

Charles "Chuck" Beacham
RIP 12/15/08

Gordon Wofford
RIP 2/6/09

Johnny Luckett
RIP 8/16/09

Jerry Moran
RIP 7/22/08

Craig Lindsey
RIP 6/26/08

Jack Quirk
RIP 11/2020