Rolling Thunder®, Inc., is an activist organization which stays involved in many veteran and patriotic issues.  Members of Tennessee Chapter One must be willing to give at least two days per month to Rolling Thunder, ®inc.

The organization was formed to get the federal government to gain the release of the remaining Prisoners Of War that were left behind in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War. The fact that hundreds of POW’s were left behind is a fact. The ongoing purposeful blocking of information and refusal to take any action to gain the release of these Prisoners of War by the federal government is also a fact.

Rolling Thunder, ® inc. is the nation’s leading organization working to insure these American patriots are not forgotten or abandoned.  Rolling Thunder,® inc organizes an annual protest ride in Washington DC to remind government bureaucrats, the public and politicians that we have not forgotten and we expect them to honor their commitments to America’s veterans. We expect them to account for all of the missing from all wars. We expect them to take care of those who have given so much for the freedoms and liberty we enjoy. 

Rolling Thunder®, Inc., is NOT a motorcycle club. It is NOT a requirement to have a motorcycle or to be a veteran to be a member of Rolling Thunder®, Inc. It is only a requirement that you be willing to dedicate your time to the POW/MIA issue and helping veterans.

Rolling Thunder,® inc. does not make available or accept electronically transferred or mailed in membership applications.

Membership applications must be delivered in person. Annual dues are $30.

Applications are only available at regular monthly membership meetings which generally take place on the 4th Sunday of the month at 1pm at:

10157 Old Nashville Hwy
Smyrna TN 37167


Members have participation requirements to remain a member in good standing. Members wear motorcycle vests with insignia and patches that have various meanings. To wear military patches, badges and awards members must submit a copy of their DD-214 service record so these items can be verified as officially awarded and authorized for legitimate wear. Patches and insignia may be worn in honor of others if properly identified.   

If you think membership in Rolling Thunder might be right for you - please join us at one of our monthly membership meetings and meet our family. The members of Rolling Thunder are good hearted American’s who give freely of their time to help others and make our country a better place.

Rolling Thunder is a non-profit organization and survives on donations. If you wish to support Tennessee Chapter One with a donation please bring it to a monthly membership meeting or you can mail your donation to:


Tennessee Chapter One, Rolling Thunder®, Inc.
 P.O. Box 332534
Murfreesboro, TN 37133-2534